Canceled: Berkshire Beatlesque

By Lee Meeting House (other events)

Saturday, September 15 2018 7:30 PM 10:30 PM

"There are plenty of Beatle tribute bands…None do what BEATLESQUE does, which is to present a note-for-note replication of what you hear on the albums…BEATLESQUE pulled it off in a way that made jaws drop hands clap, and feet dance."
Melissa Renzer, Planet Valenti

Beatlesque is the brainchild of their John Lennon look alike and sound alike, Mick Valenti. Mick has played in, and toured with, several original bands and bands that also played many Beatle sounds throughout the world. Mick plays a Rickenbacker electric and six string and twelve string acoustic guitars all while faithfully reproducing John Lennon's vocals. Fellow bandmembers include legendary lead guitarist Jay Fruet, playing George Harrison; Jim Stankiewicz on keyboard and percussion; Andre LeBlanc playing and singing as Paul McCartney; Cliff Ducharme with vocals, guitar and bass; and Bob Balawender on drums as Ringo Starr.

Concert beneftits Berkshire Gateway Preservation Inc. Sponsored by Lee Chamber of Commerce.

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